Buying a pre-owned Sonosite MicroMaxx

Sonosite MicroMaxx

Sonosite MicroMaxx

It wasn’t that long ago when it was difficult and expensive to buy a pre-owned portable ultrasound machine because there just were not enough available machines on the market. But now that portable machines have been around for a while, the prices have really come down and they are the most affordable way to purchase a pre-owned ultrasound system. One of the best machines in this category is the used MicroMaxx, which is manufactured by Sonosite, one of the leading makers of ultrasound equipment. As you might guess from its name, the MicroMaxx is quite small. At less than eight pounds, you can literally bring the MicroMaxx anywhere you want, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up the performance and features of the big ultrasound machines. The MicroMaxx is one of the most versatile pre-owned ultrasound units available and can handle everything from vascular to cardiac to emergency uses to OB-GYN. And since it can be powered up and ready in just 15 seconds, you can easily move it and be ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Of course ultrasound machines are intricate pieces of technology, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a little abuse. One of the best features you’ll get with a pre-owned Sonosite MicroMaxx is its durability. Because portable ultrasound machines are constantly being moved, bumped and even dropped, Sonosite has gone to great lengths to protect this model from damage. It has been rigorously drop tested and designed to perform under extreme conditions, including outdoor uses. Used Sonosite MicroMaxx ultrasound machines are a tremendous value – not only do you get big-time performance without paying the big-time price of a full-size ultrasound machine, but you also save money over buying a new machine. And because used ultrasound machines are tested, inspected and fully refurbished, you don’t need to worry about performance or reliability.

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