Pre-owned ultrasound probes, accessories and printers can help you save even more money

Of course it’s no secret that buying a pre-owned ultrasound machine can save you thousands of dollars, and even tens of thousands of dollars, when compared to buying a new machine. But what is sometimes forgotten is that you can also realize significant savings by purchasing used ultrasound probes, parts, accessories and printers. Just like with reconditioned machines, there are plenty of quality used ultrasound components out there that are tested and inspected to be as good as new, but without the new price.

No matter how reliable or well maintained your ultrasound machine is, there will come a time that you will need a replacement part or two. And in almost every case, you can save money with a used part instead of paying top dollar for a new part. Plus you don’t have to worry about sacrificing performance or safety as long as you are buying a used part from a reputable ultrasound company that has tested and inspected it. Many companies even offer guarantees that their used ultrasound parts meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.  Some of these guarantees also include a warranty for a period of time.

The same strategy can also help you save money on used probes and printers. After all, these ultrasound accessories have incredibly long life spans, especially when they are maintained correctly. So even if you buy a probe or printer that is several years old, you can be confident of getting many more years of service from it. And what’s even better is that you’ll have saved so much money you might be able to buy two probes for the price of a single new one, or buy a better used ultrasound printer with more features than a comparably priced new one.

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