Pre-owned ultrasounds can save you money in more ways than one

It’s pretty common knowledge that buying a pre-owned ultrasound machine can be significantly cheaper than buying a brand new machine. But it addition to the savings you will realize with the initial purchase, pre-owned ultrasound machines can also save you money in the long run. Although ultrasound machines are remarkably reliable, they do breakdown from time to time and will need to be repaired and sometimes parts will need to be replaced. If you have a brand new machine that just came to market, you are probably going to pay a lot more for replacement parts. But if you have a pre-owned machine, then you’ll have a wide selection of used parts to pick from since there are going to be so many other similar machines in use and spare parts available. 

Routine maintenance is also a factor to consider. Like anything else, there is a learning curve involved for repair technicians with the new machines, so a brand new model might cost you more to maintain or limit your options on finding qualified technicians who are familiar with that model. On the other hand, if you buy a popular pre-owned ultrasound model, then you’ll have no problem at all finding repair technicians and you’ll be able to get service at a reasonable rate.

Plus if you buy a pre-owned ultrasound system, then you’ll have a chance to examine the track record of each particular model and see how they have performed over the years. While its reasonable to assume that a new model will offer years of hassle-free performance, it’s hard to know that for sure until it’s been on the market for a while.

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