Saving money by purchasing pre-owned ultrasound machines

Ideally, if you had an unlimited budget to acquire ultrasound equipment, you might purchase brand new machines right out of the box. But it’s more important than ever to try to save money and keep budgets in line, so pre-owned ultrasound equipment is becoming a very popular option for hospitals, doctors offices and many other users of ultrasound machines. To put it simply, you are paying a premium if you buy brand new ultrasound equipment. But you can often get pre-owned ultrasound systems, not to mention pre-owned ultrasound parts and pre-owned ultrasound supplies, at huge discounts. And as long as you are buying from a reputable supplier, then you don’t need to worry about performance or quality because you can be assured that the equipment has been refurbished and inspected. However, it is important to ask whether the refurbished ultrasound machines have been inspected and tested. But if you are buying from an established dealer, then that’s standard protocol.  

Even brand new ultrasound systems need replacement parts and supplies now and then, and of course that’s also the case for pre-owned ultrasound systems. But just like you can save money on your initial purchase, you can continue to save money by buying pre-owned ultrasound supplies and pre-owned ultrasound printers and other parts. Once again, make sure you are buying them from a reputable dealer. Many people are surprised to learn that they can often buy two (or sometimes even more) pre-owned ultrasound machines for the same price as a new ultrasound machine. Once you find the model and manufacturer that is right for you, then you will probably have your pick of several different pre-owned ultrasound machines at various prices depending on the age, use, condition and features of each machine. But no matter which machine you choose, you are sure to save money by purchasing a pre-owned ultrasound machine or pre-owned ultrasound system. 

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