The affordability of refurbished portable ultrasound machines

When portable ultrasound machines first became widely available in the late 1970s, they were barely portable and not very affordable. One of the first commercially available portable ultrasounds was the ADR 2130, which was released in 1975. At more than 25 pounds and with an oscilloscope instead of a monitor, it looked nothing like the compact ultrasound systems that are now available. And with the recent explosion in the popularity of portable ultrasounds, there has never been a better selection of pre-owned portable ultrasound machines on the market. For more advice, check out this buyer’s guide for pre-owned portable ultrasound machines.

Those early portable ultrasound machines were hardly a match for the full-size console systems, but today’s portable systems can stand toe to toe with a full-size systems and produce images that are every bit as good. Of course a 10-15 pound machine is much easier to transport than a 300-pound system, and that’s a big reason why pre-owned portable ultrasounds are so popular. The fact that the prices for used ultrasound systems have come down significantly in recent years is another big reason.

Another benefit of buying a used compact ultrasound machine is that there will always been demand for these smaller ultrasound systems, so you should have no problem finding a buyer if you ever decide to sell your machine down the road. It’s also important to note that great strides have been made in the reliability and durability of portable ultrasounds, which means that you can get many years of top performance, even if you are buying a machine that is 10 years old or more. Those are just a few of the reasons why so many people are buying refurbished portable ultrasounds.

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